Struggling to get sh*t done?

Imagine walking around a maze but not knowing you’re in a maze.
If you or someone you know has ADHD then NOT knowing can be confusing, stressful and hard to get anything done.

HYYPA (pronounced Hyper!)provides a short affordable ADHD video course for only $99!

Whether you have ADHD or not, you can better understand what ADHD is and tackle productivity hurdles like a pro!

Stay focused, crush distractions, and meet deadlines with ease. Discover the secrets to supercharge your efficiency and master task prioritisation.

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"First of all the course is spectacular. I find it engaging with the video times and very relatable. I think it's great and looking forward to completing more of it."
Josh Golsing
CEO, Manufacturing company
"HYYPA ADHD is a really good course to work through. The shorter videos and interesting graphics also kept my attention and motivation to keep going. I've since recommended to my family that they take it to understand what ADHD is all about!"
Emma Jenkins


your focus

& Energy

at work

Mark’s Story

“After waiting over a year being diagnosed I started to research ADHD coping mechanisms.

When it came to managing my ADHD in the workplace guess I couldn’t find any support. I looked on Instagram and Facebook and although the tips were useful there wasn’t anyway of keeping me accountable to implementing new working techniques.

I concluded that I’d need to do my own research and see what worked for me! The outcome was writing and filming a video based course to help others like me through exercise, rest and diet to improve their focus and energy.


Struggling to prioritise what is important

Lots of energy followed by big crashes

Need help adjusting at work but feel uncomfortable to tell co-workers?



Increase your focus through working on your diet, fitness and rest

Uncover your “second brain” using tech tools to help with working memory.

Become accountable to yourself and others

It outlines the diverse ways in which ADHD impacts people, as well as the coping strategies that are helpful in managing the condition.

A good foundation course. Gives a roadmap and helps you understand if anything is missing in knowledge gaps. Quite nice to be validated!

Take our HYYPA ADHD Foundation Course in under 30 minutes.