Struggle with:
Getting distracted.
High then low energy.

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"I've always realised my brain was different"

but until a few years ago I didn’t know why or how…..

I never knew why I was either always either really early or really late.

I’d never understand why I was highly capable and “Full of potential” but couldn’t ever seem to finish things.
School reports read:

“Mark is a polite and well presented student, but gets distracted easily and often gets talking to his other classmates.”

The feedback started at school and didn’t change much when I started my career in tech and marketing from friends and colleagues.

“Everyone gets distracted, just push through it.”

“Just get organised”

Seeking Solutions Beyond ‘Just Trying Harder’

I’d hit a point where “growing out of it” was no longer an option.

Why would some things make me interested, and others no matter how important not ever seem to get started or completed.

Creating neuro-researched solutions 

After getting fed up and frustrated of hearing these things over and over again, I decided to research and develop a solution.

I’ve outlined the 3 pillars of:

• Getting started.
• Keeping going.
• Transitioning or resting.

Each pillar addresses key challenges from from initiation paralysis to the elusive art of winding down. If you have these challenges then why not join my session.


Why this webinar and why now? 

At the very least 30 minutes of your life lost listening to a British bloke who’s navigated the twists and turns of the ADHD maze and would like to share the map!

Attention! Do you have these challenges?

Whether you have some or all of the challenges below,
we’ll go through them in more detail on the webinar. 

Stopped before you've got started?

Ever felt like you’ve put your foot on the peddle but you’re not going anywhere?

Why haven’t you been able to start a task? Which one should you start first?

What if you fail at staying on task?

In the webinar we’ll explore why the first step seems like the hardest.

Struggle to find energy to keep going.....

You’ve got started on your task and it’s going well, but it’s not just down to your motivation as to whether you keep going.

In the webinar we’ll explore why maintaining momentum is not just down to whether you feel like it or not.

Transitioning and resetting.

The challenge of winding down is important change of state from high focus tasks to rest or even different types of tasks.

For many “shutting off” isn’t the same as closing tabs on your browser of hitting “shut down”.

Winding down isn’t just important to our productivity it also affects our well-being and how we interact with our friends and loved ones. 

Are you still here?
Get booked in and I'll see you at my
"Lost and found attention" ADHD webinar