Struggling to finish work everyday?

• Staring at your laptop & struggling to get started?
• Battling with boring (but essential tasks).
• Constantly distracted by emails, Whatsapp & Instagram?

Get back 10-20 valuable hours each week with 'Focus for 30' days!

Do you struggle with......

  • Turning up late to meetings or missing them altogether. 

  • You’re talented and “Full of potential” (but not getting anything done).

  • It’s really hard for me to stay focused, especially when I’m bored or not interested in what I’m doing.

"Sometimes, I get so caught up in what I'm doing that I totally forget about everything else, even important things like eating or taking breaks."

  • Even small distractions like noises or people moving around can make me lose my focus completely.

  • Sometimes, it’s like my brain just doesn’t want to start working, even when I know I have to get stuff done.

  • I tend to put off boring or overwhelming tasks until the last minute, even though I know it’s not a good idea.

Do you like
(but struggle) working with others?

  • I struggle with being on time, and am either super late or really early.

  • It’s tough for me to sit still for a long time, especially when I’m feeling antsy or bored.

  • I often forget what I’m supposed to be doing and end up getting sidetracked by other things.

  • When someone gives me long instructions or directions with lots of steps, it’s really hard to follow along and remember everything.

Why invest in buying 'Focus for 30'?

* Reclaim 10-20 hours of productive time each week.
Get revenue based priorities completed. * Delegate low priority work to affordable personal assistants.
* Build a personal focus system that sets you up for your future.
Manage your energy better to get more done.
* Meet like-minded achievers.

I'm in! What's next?

• Book a call below to qualify if you’re the right fit for Focus for 30.

• After the call if you’re successful, you begin enrollment by paying upfront to secure your place in Focus for 30.

• You join other students 3x a week who are also taking the course.

• The course runs over 30 days and sessions are hosted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

• The time will be set e.g 1pm UK time (this may move depending on participants time zones).

• The course is split between time in meetup sessions on Gmeet/Zoom and implementation.

• The early bird pricing of £999 ($999 in the US) is limited to the first 5 students.

What's included in 'Focus for 30'?

HYYPA Focus for 30

30 day virtual coaching programme
£ 999 Early Bird pricing
  • 2x weekly coaching sessions
  • 4x weekly reviews
  • Access to HYYPA AI Coach
  • Access to HYYPA Focus community.
  • 1x Focus guest speaker Q&A
  • Bonus: HYYPA Energy elearning Annual license

Week 1: Science of Focus Fundamentals

• Understanding ADHD’s impact on focus.

• The role of dopamine in motivation and focus.

• Strategies for boosting dopamine naturally.

• Check-in, review, and Q&A session.

• Accountability partner pair up and goal setting for the upcoming week.

Week 2: Attention management & Prioritisation


• Identifying and managing distractions.

• Using technology (apps, tools, extensions) 

• Urgency vs Important tasks.

• How to structure tasks to make them manageable.

• Mini-deadlines to improve delivering on time.

• Check-in, review, and Q&A session.

Week 3: Environment design & mental energy

• Creating a focus-friendly workspace

• Minimizing clutter and optimizing organization

• The impact of lighting, temperature, and noise on focus

• Managing mental energy throughout the day.

• The role of nutrition, hydration, and exercise in focus.

• Strategies for dealing with mental fatigue.

• Creating a mental energy management plan and implementing energy-boosting strategies

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Week 4: Habit forming & self focus assessment


• The science of habit formation.

• Identifying keystone habits for focus.

• Creating a personalized habit stack.

• Check-in, review, and Q&A session.

• Overcoming common obstacles to habit formation.

• The role of accountability and support in habit development.

• Celebrating progress and maintaining motivation.