Get Brain boosting focus in 30 days.

  1. See ‘brain boosting’ changes in as little as 30 days!
  2.  Easy 15 minute exercises that can boost your hyperfocus at work.
  3. Discover how optimal rest “reset” your energy levels.
  4. Brain friendly simple diets that eliminate brain fog.
  5. Study less than 30 mins a week to complete HYYPA Energy in 4 weeks.


HYYPA Energy is like a gym workout for the brain delivered as a 40 minute video course. 

if you’re an adult struggling to prioritise, concentrate and maintain energy take our bitesize video course to improve
your focus and energy.

what is included in this video course?

HYYPA energy is a video course optimised for the ADHD brain. The course is separated into 4 sections:

* Exercise – short cardio and ball based workouts you can do anywhere with space!

* Diet – Learn how you can get nutrition that is both nutritious & quick to make. 

* Rest – create day-time and bed-time rest routines that will reset your brain energy.

* Habits – How can you create habits without forgetting. Use our habit boosting techniques. 

Watch a short sample video before you buy.




HYYPA energy is vetted and approved by our resident neuroscientist Dr. Matt Parker.

Exercise workouts created by English basketball coach Craig Hughes and performed by University of Portsmouth womens and mens 1st basketball team.

Nutrition advice and diet plans produced by bioscientist and nutritionist Sophie Tully. 

WHat will i get from



* Each video includes short animations and are 2 minutes max to keep your attention!

* Short 15 minute morning exercise videos that can boost your focus at work.

* Complete the short 40 minute course comfortably in 4 weeks. 

* Tested methods to stay and keep accountable with exercise and work tasks.

* Daily ‘Focus & energy’ boosting habits to improve your work life.

Downloadable worksheets on habit planning, caffeine guide, and brain boosting diet plans worth an additional £200 all included for free!

Meet your teacherS

Mark Cann has researched and “self tested” all the tools and techniques in HYYPA to find what works best for adults with ADHD. Mark practices what he preaches by regularly training in the gym and playing basketball each week. 

Sophie Tully is a nutritionist with an academic background. Sophie’s helped elite athletes make it to the Olympics, formulating cutting-edge nutritional supplements, developing a degree in Nutrition.