Making Neurodiversity your COMPANY'S competitive advantage.

Thinking differently.
Inclusive culture (that celebrates differences)
Communicating differently through Knowledge sharing.

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Do you find hiring and managing a Neurodiverse workforce a bit confusing?

For Neurodiverse managers and leaders
  • How many people do I have in my company that are neurodiverse?
  • How can I encourage open communication, so my team feel comfortable sharing their needs and challenges?
  • How can I work with my neurodiverse team better?
  • What accommodations should I make available?
  • What are the benefits of understanding my neurodiverse team better?

For Neurodiverse folks
  • I’m neurodiverse myself, how do I best work with others? (while still maintaining that I have a different way of working)
  • What accommodations do I need and how do I access these?
  • Should I disclose my neurodiverse condition and how should I do this?
  • What impact will this have on my job and career if I disclose?
  • How can adjustments improve my working life?

Mark struggled for years with undiagnosed ADHD and so understands first hand what a struggle it can be for others both diagnosed and undiagnosed. 

“Working with Mark has been a real eye opener in understanding how I can work better with my clients. I also now understand some of my neurodiverse quirks and strengths too.”

Aerospace Consultant, UK.