You've got challengEs FOCUSing! (But are far from alone)


Your answers show you need some help with your focus, attention and prioritisation. 


Ok, great but what next?If you want to understand what ADHD is better take our short HYYPA ADHD video based course which is a foundation in understanding ADHD.


What if I forget or get distracted?

If you forget to sign up we’ll send you a friendly email reminder (if you ever want to opt out we won’t take it personally).


How much will it cost me?

If you’re in full or part time work you can use the ‘Access to work’ fund to claim back the cost of the course from the UK government. Find out more  here


What if I’m not UK-based or eligible?

Many private ADHD services including assessments can cost £500-£3000. HYYPA ADHD is an affordable £49 to educate yourself about ADHD and how it can affect you or the people around you who have ADHD