Are you constantly losing focus, distracted & falling behind at work?

We offer Neuro-researched training (ideal for neurodiverse folks) to get back 10-20 lost hours a week.

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BEFORE HYYpa training

Struggling to prioritise what is important

Lots of energy followed by big crashes

Need help adjusting at work but feel uncomfortable to tell co-workers?


AFTER HYYPA training

Increase your focus through working on your diet, fitness and rest

Uncover your “second brain” using tech tools to help with working memory.

Become accountable to yourself and others

1. my story

After waiting over a year being diagnosed I started to research ADHD coping mechanisms. 

When it came to managing my ADHD in the workplace guess I couldn’t find any support

I looked on Instagram and Facebook and although the tips were useful there wasn’t anyway of keeping me accountable to implementing new working techniques.

2. why video?

I made it my goal with HYYPA to create a video based resource (ADHD’ers won’t finish a book) that gave practical tools and techniques to manage your focus, prioritisation and energy. Whats better is each video is less than 2 minutes so you don’t get bored or distracted.


your focus

& Energy

at work

3. pricing

I also realised that online products with monthly subscriptions mean that people feel rushed to complete a course. I created module based pricing so you can just choose what you need and then you have 12 month license to use the course.

4. giving back

We want to use a portion of our businesses profits to research ADHD through our partnerships with academia. When you buy a module you’re helping both yourself and others with ADHD.